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Artist Statement

Faces have fascinated me all my life, and I love to capture a moment on a face.  We don’t know what we look like throughout the day. When we are not talking to another person, we have no idea what our face says to someone entering our space. I like to render the expressions found on faces when they are unaware of any onlookers.  Smiles are nice.  A non-smiling pose is better. But, when the camera is on a face that doesn’t know it, the face is at its most relaxed and honest state. I like to portray that honesty. 


All my art education I received from books and a few instructors. Though I have a journalism degree and have pursued writing, in 1995 I began studying art under Alex Chidichimo, an established artist and teacher in San Diego, CA. My pastel portraits have been displayed in local and national shows since 1997, beginning with the San Diego County Fair art show. Over the years I won various awards, including Best of Show, first, second, third and honorable mentions. I've entered and won awards in the Pastel Society of San Diego, Catnip Connection, a fundraiser for feral cats, pastel societies in Connecticut, New Orleans, Placerville, CA and a Trans World Airlines employee show in St. Louis, MO.

Additionally, I have worked as a freelance writer for The Pastel Journal, a national art magazine, matching both passions for art and writing.

My most “fun” art job came in June through September 2006, where I drew caricatures for Kaman’s Art Shoppes, a company that places various artists in theme parks. I worked at Sea World as a caricature artist. The training took one week, plus homework and practice. Some of the better caricature artists/cartoonists began their careers at these theme parks, as they can draw thousands of faces through the season. That’s a lot of practice!


I have more than 120 collectors of my original artworks. In recent years, I’ve displayed my art in Venice, Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida. I am a board member with the  Southeastern Pastel Society, where I have been juried into their Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 exhibitions in the Atlanta and Gainesville, Georgia areas. 

Joe with pastel portrait of daughter

"For my daughter's 50th birthday, I wanted to give something unusual. Roseann painted her portrait from a reference photo that was 45  years old and faded. She did a great job!"
Joe S. - Sarasota, FL

At Siesta Key Farmers Market.jpg
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