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Murals Tell A Story

When a painting won't do, a wall will. I have painted wall murals in living spaces and community rooms. When I want to become immersed in a space, it has to be larger than life. A wall mural takes you into a scene and changes your mood. I wanted to display my paintings on my entrance wall, but when I looked at my collection, not one of them stood out. Even a series of three paintings didn't work. I thought about what I wanted to feel when I came through my own door at the end of a day. I wanted to feel like a large blanket of comfort slipped over me like a veil. I wanted all calmness and pure beauty to greet me. I wanted to breathe in sweetness and joy and the natural world. I painted the 11 by 3-foot wall full of flowers. They never dissappoint when I walk through the door.


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Hibiscus blooms in Florida year round
Flowers greet guests at the front door
Calla Lilies, to remind me of my sister
Lilies from an arrangement where I once worked
Roses . . .
Engulfed in flowers
Red violet

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Ruth's Wall

The mural is approximately 7 feet by 5 feet.

Delray Beach Bathroom_edited

I was honored to paint this mural for a favorite client from my pet sitting days in San Diego. She's on the east coast of Florida. A short trip for a fantastic experience.

The beginnings . . .

First layer. I primed the flowers, after seeing a video of an artist priming her murals. The paint shows up much brighter.

Piecing together

Close ups

Marvin and Ruth bathroom_edited

Marvin and Ruth enjoy the addition to their bathroom.

"It is such a pleasure to work with you and to see how your beautiful art work develops. Thank you for sharing your special talent with us in the amazing mural for our new home. We love it!" 

Ruth and Marvin B. Delray Beach, Florida

Octopus Bathroom

When I bought my house, I decorated the master bathroom last. In fact, I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. I knew it had to be fun. I wasn't going to be hanging out there too long. I didn't want plain walls and complementary towels.  I wanted to feel submerged, as if I was at the bottom of a waterfall. But, I also was developing a seed in the back of my brain about an underwater scene. Though I'm no diver, I had been reading about and viewing videos of octopuses for about two years. An idea was brewing about an octopus. Then, I saw a documentary called, "My Octopus Teacher" and I knew I had to paint one--a giant one. One thing lead to another . . .


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Hi! I’m Sparky from Down Under. For awhile, me and my Mate Bobby were stranded out in woop woop, on a tropical island in the South Pacific. After a storm busted up our boat, we found ourselves clinging to my surfboard, Bobby’s guitar, and amplifier. A giant wave chundered us onto this vast beach. For a few days, we were dazed. Then, Bobby went walkabout while I gathered some palm fronds and leaves. Before you know it, Bobby erected a little hut. I had sniffed around for something to eat, but no luck in finding anything worth throwing on the barbie. Lost our esky, too, so no snags, chooks, tinnys, or champers. No worries! We cheered our good fortune and began the life of eternal play! Heaps of good times. My mate Muso whipped out his six string, plugged in the amp and sang me tunes all day while I road the waves. Every day we’d have a dingo’s brekkie, then grab our toys. Didn’t have interest or time to eat but when we did, it was coconuts and fish! Fun fun fun, till our Daddy took our Tee-bird away! Meaning, until we got rescued. 

Back home I met my new Best Girl Mate, Ro. She’s an artist so I told her the story of being lost on this island. Would she paint a picture of my adventure with my Best Mate Bobby, on a wall in my doghouse? New Best Girl Mate said, “Sure!” When she finished painting my memory, I was gobsmacked! “Best Girl Mate Ro, you little ripper,” I exclaimed. “It’s just what I wanted! Good on ya!” Now, I’m sharing it with you. This is my ‘thank you’ to my Best Girl Mate, Ro. From Down Under, Sparky


This 3 ft. by 10 ft. San Diego Sunrise mural drew guests into this living room. Definitely a focal point!

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