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In these times of DIY projects so available online, I decided to try building my own headboard.  In keeping with a floral theme from the wall mural, I chose large flowers created from fabric and stitched together like a quilt. I just like the way the types of fabrics, the textures and prints give off a three dimensional feel. With a little help from friends, we built the frame.

In addition to fabric art, I love to create acrylic wall murals for home or business. 

Heart Horse

I love puzzles. Painting is combining color patches and shapes to form a larger picture. It doesn't matter what the medium is. As long as the whole comes together to form a likeness. Or, if abstract, a sense of balance. Fabric is tactile and warm, with endless ready-made designs. 

Click on each photo for information; use arrows, or slide to left.

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