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Wow! This portrait is fantastic!!!!!! So beautiful how you captured Belay’s essence and personality! Love his neck rolls, the slight curl to his ears, his coloring, and his soulful eyes. 

You nailed it, girl!

Mike won’t know what hit him when he sees this on his birthday! Thanks for getting it finished for his special day!

Thank you for this artistic masterpiece! It means so much more because it was created by a lovely person we were blessed to have met. Maria


How do animals know to look at your eyes when they look toward you? I find it amusing to look at all those compilations of dogs or cats on YouTube and see how many facial expressions animals have that show human emotion. Donkeys braying their love. Cats falling off shelves with a look of "Uh-Oh!" Those guilty dogs really show shame! I hope to portray animals as if they are thinking . . . What, though? That is for the viewer to decide. I create people's favorite pets in painted portraits in pastels or watercolor. 

Click on each photo for information.

"The beautiful pastel of Snow Bear is breath taking! The colors are so brilliant and of course, Snow Bear is a very handsome guy!" Linda A., San Diego, CA

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