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GaglioR-Three Girls 20x16 P100 WT V2.jpg

Beautiful job, Roseann! Love it!

Tristin L., Sarasota, FL


I create works of art that speak directly to my clients, by placing their loved ones in a painted portrait. If the client wants to remember a place they once lived, or a vacation spot that had an impact, I can paint that scene on a canvas or a wall, for which the client can view daily and reminisce. I can even paint a scene or loved subject on furniture. (Please see my Furniture Art) Perhaps a favorite childhood memory was attending the circus? Now, you want your newborn to wake up in a circus-themed nursery. Or an underwater scene, to remember the time you swam in the Great Barrier Reef. Fine art does not have to be the focal point of a room. But, it is the best part of a room. It’s personal.


Click on right arrow to scroll; click on each photo for information about the painting.

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