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Murals Tell A Story

When a painting won't do, a wall will. I have painted wall murals in living spaces and community rooms. When I want to become immersed in a space, it has to be larger than life. A wall mural takes you into a scene and changes your mood. I wanted to display my paintings on my entrance wall, but when I looked at my collection, not one of them stood out. Even a series of three paintings didn't work. I thought about what I wanted to feel when I came through my own door at the end of a day. I wanted to feel like a large blanket of comfort slipped over me like a veil. I wanted all calmness and pure beauty to greet me. I wanted to breathe in sweetness and joy and the natural world. I painted the 11 foot wall full of flowers. They never dissappoint when I walk through the door.

Octopus Bathroom

When I bought my house, I decorated the master bathroom last. In fact, I didn't know what I wanted to do with it. I knew it had to be fun. I wasn't going to be hanging out there too long. I didn't want plain walls and complementary towels.  I wanted to feel submerged, as if I was at the bottom of a waterfall. But, I also was developing a seed in the back of my brain about an underwater scene. Though I'm no diver, I had been reading about and viewing videos of octopuses for about two years. An idea was brewing about an octopus. Then, I saw a documentary called, "My Octopus Teacher" and I knew I had to paint one--a giant one. One thing lead to another . . .

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